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Automatic Floor Sweeper

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Sweeps Your Floor. So You Don't Have To !


Product Testimonies
Why buy a Robomop

Dry mopping and disposable non- woven dust cloths has become a generally accepted method of cleaning world wide as it picks up loose dirt more easily than mopping with water. Many scientists even argue that wet mopping actually helps to spread the germs while dry mops solve this problem. Additionally, frequent use of soap may damage your floor surface.


The dry mop is that it requires less effort to start to use than adding water and soap. Additionally, you never have to squeeze a cloth infested with germs and  to dry up the floor afterwards.

The dirt can easily be disposed and leaves no source for germ and bacteria spread.


The no. 1 source of asthma and other allergies is loose dust particles. RoboMop targets exactly this type of dust in addition to removal of light stains.

In increasingly busy environment we live in The RoboMop leaves you to spend your time doing other more rewarding activities. The user simply leaves the mop on the floor. RoboMop requires no supervision as it will not get stuck anywhere.


We are all looking for ways to make our lives more efficient. There are other and more high- tech options to this product on the market but to a price that most consumers would find high. Robomop is considerable lower in price due to its simple but efficient technology.

This is a unique invention for elder generations and people with movement disabilities as it will eliminate unhealthy movements related to cleaning.


RoboMop efficiently picks up animal and human hair shed.

The RoboMop will run across your floor at a speed of 60m2/h and will cover a 60m2 surface with 98% accuracy in 1 hour.


The 8.5 centimetre low mop actually cleans areas where you usually do not clean yourself like under sofas, beds and cupboards. (Where the real amounts of dust piles up).

A Norwegian Invention gives you the joy of being audience to household cleaning without having bad conscience.
Works best on :


Wood Floors



Ceramic Tile


One Month Warranty

kit contains :
* RoboMop Sweeper
* Robotic Ball
* Built-in Rechargeable Battery
* Battery Charger
* 5 pcs of  Dust Pads
25 pcs of Dust Pads

Purchasing Information    
roboMop main sweeper set + 1 box of dust pad SGD   69.90

roboMop main sweeper set + 3 box of dust pad SGD   89.70
roboMop main sweeper set + 5 boxes of dust pads SGD 104.90
roboMop main sweeper set + 10 boxes of dust pads SGD 149.90
RoboMop Accessories  
1   box      Dust Pads (25 pc x 1) SGD    9.00
5   boxes   Dust Pads (25 pc x 5) SGD  42.50
10 boxes   Dust Pads (25 pc x10) SGD  80.00



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